Goryukai Aikido Yoshinkan

What is Aikido Yoshinkan?

Yoshinkan is a "hard" style of Aikido, which was created by Soko Gozo Shioda as a structured training process for students. Shioda Sensei, who studied under Morihei Ueshiba Sensei, the founder of Aikido, is widely regarded as one this century's finest martial artists and innovative teachers.

Aikido Yoshinkan is based on a set of foundation techniques that are practised on a continual basis, and focus on correct form, stance and balance. Students repeatedly practise a set of six basic movements ('kihon dosa'), which focus on building this strong form. This repetition then helps students to understand and work on the basic, and then the more advanced techniques, which all centre around the kihon dosa.

This systematic method of learning is what makes Yoshinkan Aikido an effective and popular form of self-defence training. It is taught to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force and is compulsory for all female officers. The Yoshinkan syllabus is set by the Honbu dojo (head) in Japan and standardised across all Yoshinkan dojos in the world.