Goryukai Aikido Yoshinkan

Sensei Malcolm Crawford

Sensei Malcolm Crawford
7th Dan Yoshinkan

Crawford Sensei is the Founder and Head of the Goryukai School of Yoshinkan Aikido, based in Chichester. He started training with the Yoshinkan in 1970 under Edd Stratton.

In 1974, the Honbu Dojo sent their own instructor Yu Sensei to England. During this time, Crawford Sensei was training 5 days a week and all day Sunday, which was expected of all Yoshinkan Aikidoka. Self-defence training as taught to the Japanese riot police was part of the curriculum and is now only practised in Japan on instructor's courses.

Over his 40 years with Yoshinkan, Crawford Sensei has trained with all of the senior Honbu instructors, as well as the late Kancho Sensei (Gozo Shioda Soke), the Founder of Yoshinkan Aikido. Crawford Sensei has taught at many national and international seminars and was graded to Rokudan by the present head of Yoshinkan Honbu, Shioda Kancho.